In 2004, when outsoutsourcing to foreign countries gained popularity, Neogen Computers was born as an answer to the declining level of industry support and the unhappiness of American customers. Later that year the name was changed to Xcentech Computers. We initially started as a home-based business and in 2005, we moved to our first commercial office in order to facilitate a growing customer base and several development projects.

After weathering the crash of 2007 and the continued slow recovery, we entered 2014 with a renewed sense of purpose and a driving force to be better than ever. We have emerged as a conglomerate of technology and consulting subsidiaries that will help transform the landscape throughout Southern Arizona. At Xcentech, we continue to provide quality products and consulting services to both commercial, small business, and residential clients.

Our commitment to the quality of service and values that helped us grow will remain a constant barometer of our success forever.